Assamese Gem ‘Kooki’ Shines at Cannes Film Festival in 2024: A Vibrant Showcase of Hindi Cinema


In a world of film frequently dominated by the glamour of Bollywood, a cool breeze from Assamese serenity drifts in. The Hindi movie “Kooki,” which is from the state of Assam in the northeast, made waves at the recent Cannes Film Festival, winning over both critics and viewers with its heart and imagination.

Tucked away in the lush splendour of Assam, “Kooki” is more than just a movie; it’s a celebration of local narrative and diversity in culture. Under the universal language of Hindi cinema, the film Kooki, directed by the gifted Assamese filmmaker, provides an engaging look into the colourful tapestry of Assamese life.

About Kooki

From, it gets to know that, at the Cannes Film Festival in 2024, a Hindi movie Kooki from Assam which tells the story of a 16-year-old rape survivor’s trauma will be screened at the Marché du Film. Almost a month before its June nationwide release, on May 21, the 116-minute feature film will have its premiere at Palais H.

The movie Kooki’s main character is a Hindi-speaking girl who experiences mental trauma and gang rape before feeling let down by the legal system. Under the direction of Pranab J. Deka, the film Kooki tells the story of a young girl who survived being raped while showcasing various aspects of Assamese culture.

The journey of Kooki


The journey of “Kooki” to the esteemed Cannes Film Festival is evidence of the increasing acceptance and admiration of indie films on a worldwide scale. The Kooki’s rich legacy, varied culture, and verdant landscapes of Assam provide a captivating setting against which the story can be told.

The moving story of Kooki is about love, grief, and redemption at the core of “Kooki” is deftly woven with Assamese customs and folklore. The movie Kooki chronicles the journey of Kooki, the lead character, a vibrant young woman who struggles with life’s intricacies while taking in Assamese landscapes that are simply breathtaking.


“Kooki” is a ray of inspiration and hope in the ever-changing story of Indian cinema, opening the door for more stories from the heartland to become global blockbusters. One thing is certain as the credits roll and the lights go down: one frame at a time, the spirit of Assam, as embodied in “Kooki,” will continue to captivate audiences everywhere.

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