Inside the Reel of Chaalchitra ekhon in 2024: A Cinematic Odyssey

Chaalchitra Ekhon
Chaalchitra Ekhon

Every frame in the colourful world of film tells a story, and every scene stirs up feelings that don’t go away when the credits roll. “Chaalchitra Ekhon” stands out among this narrative tapestry as a creative lighthouse, providing viewers with a singular fusion of inventive storytelling and breathtaking visuals.

Under the direction of visionary filmmaker Anjan Dutt, “Chaalchitra Ekhon” defies convention by taking audiences on a fascinating journey through the worlds of reality and imagination. With an engaging plot and an outstanding ensemble cast, the film is sure to keep viewers interested from beginning to end.

About Chaalchitra Ekhon

The film pays homage to auteur Mrinal Sen and deftly intertwines the personal and professional trajectories of Mrinal Sen and Anjan Dutt, who worked together on the ambitious film project Chaalchitra in 1981.

Anjan Dutt who is the director of the film, has played the character which is inspired by Mrinal Sen.

Chaalchitra Ekhon
Chaalchitra Ekhon

On May 10, Anjan Dutt’s moving film Chalchitra Ekhon (Kaleidoscope Now, in Bengali with English subtitles) will be available on SVF’s streamer Hoichoi. Actor, composer, singer, and filmmaker Anjan Dutt pays tribute to his late mentor, eminent filmmaker Mrinal Sen (1923-2018), with this partially autobiographical, fictionalised film. It alludes to the 1981 film Chaalchitra (Kaleidoscope) by senior director Mrinal Sen, in which the 26-year-old Anjan Dutt received his big break as an actor, which profoundly affected him and his career and resulted in a friendship that lasted a lifetime. The 2023 film, which was produced during Sen’s centenary year (2023–2024), serves as a living link to our modern film history.

Chaalchitra Ekhon, which won the Best Actor Award for Anjan Dutt at the Kolkata and Dhaka International Film Festivals, also symbolises the sorry state of indie filmmaking as it is only being released theatrically in a few Kolkata theatres on the same day that it is also available on Hoichoi (OTT).


To sum up, “Chaalchitra Ekhon” is proof of the infinite inventiveness and inventiveness of Indian film. With its gripping plot, enthralling performances, and stunning images, the movie is certain to make a lasting impression on viewers everywhere. So take a seat, unwind, and get ready to be taken to a place where the most beautiful collision of dreams and reality can occur.

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