“Othoi’s Arrival: A Shake-Up in the Bengali Film Industry in 2024”

Othhoi - An adaptation of Othello
Othhoi - An adaptation of Othello

The magical world of Othoi:

Shakespeare’s classic tragedies have inspired and enthralled audiences for centuries due to their timeless themes and universal appeal. Among these masterpieces, “Othello” stands out as a moving examination of treachery, jealousy, and the devastation that can result from manipulation. With his visionary touch, filmmaker Arna Mukhopadhaya retells this legendary story daringly for the modern era in “Othoi.”

Othoi reimagines the world of “Othello” in this modern adaptation, setting it against the backdrop of contemporary society and adding new depth and cultural nuances to the narrative. With its setting in a busy metropolis, “Othoi” immerses viewers in a world of intrigue, ambition, and simmering tensions where betrayal and love collide disastrously.

Cast and Crew of Othoi:

Director: Arna Mukhopadhyay

Cast: Anirban Bhattacharjee, Sohini Sarkar, Ditipriya Roy, Kaushik Banerjee etc.


From the audience, Anirban Bhattacharyya appeared as the play progressed. That is how he enters. Throughout the entire play, the audience is informed about a peculiar equation, a duel, and the friendship between him and Arna Mukherjee. The dialogue and music create a picture that is difficult to break through, and the stage lights are dimmed accordingly. What happens if the play is adapted for the big screen instead of the stage?


Both industry insiders and movie buffs have taken note of Othoi’s rise to prominence. Critics acknowledge her as a formidable talent with the potential to make a lasting impact on Bengali cinema, praising his visionary style and narrative prowess. With each new endeavour, Othoi keeps pushing the boundaries, elevating the bar for creative brilliance and establishing new benchmarks for storytelling in the area.

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